OK, Randy said to go to the store website, www.earshot.com -- click "Contact Us" which will take you to a page with a link to a Consignment Form. You can put it to the attention of Mikey and use Randy's name if you want. They normally require 5 cds minimum, so I'm thinking 5 of each Blowback cd? They have 2 stores, a large (probably the largest in the state) near the malls and a smaller one with a coffee/beer /wine bar downtown, so maybe they could put 3 of each in the larger store and 2 of each in the latter. Whatever. BTW, the smaller store has this "mix your own cd" feature with a connection to thousands of files by internet; they bought the equipment in NYC and Earshot's probably the only store in the Southeast with it.BIII, I'll send you & John Black lungs cds. Yeah, we're kinda friends. It would be cool to get Blowback down here sometime, maybe in the spring.