it was a good show indeed -- and we had a lot of great speakersSam Smith read an essay he wrote. you can read it too by following this link: incidentally, if you haven't signed up for the Progressive Review, do so while in the website.we have a lot of people to thank: Anne for stage-managing, ASYLUM crew including Jimmy the owner, Boo the booking guy, Bala the soundman, and all the bartenders and doorstaff; Margaux for her poetry and spoken word; Jon Bramman and Rayman for their ukulele hip hop; Sam (above); Jim Cason of the Friends Committee on National Legislation; Carrie Biggs-Adams of the Walter Reed Vigil and Code Pink; and Martin Eisen, DC Public School teacher with Sarah, a great friend from the Natti.But of course, we'd like to thank foremost all of the people who came out - tons of them - from many many walks of life - and i mean MANY.we're now looking into possible plans for June. Seattle? New York?and then possibly DC again in September.