Sooo, it turns out President Bush himself authorized the outing of CIA covert operative Valerie Plame. That was done to retaliate for her husband's public criticism of the intelligence around the alleged (false) claim that President Bush made in the State pf the Union address that Iraq had tried to buy enriched uranium in Niger.WOW - that's a war president for you. Not only manipulating pre-war intelligence, but also exposing a CIA covert operative in retaliation for being told that the emperor has no clothers. Oh, and lest we forget, when the outing came out, Bush himself said that he didn't tolerate leaks and he would fire whomever was found responsible. Is it time he fired himself??On another note, any thoughts out there (don't everyone speak at once) on how we in BLOWBACK can best support activist initiatives like the Wisconsin referendum? how can our music best support activism?