Hey gang -Thanks JAB for playing our music - really inspiring to us! Thanks also for the link to your show.Hack, thanks for the suggestions on radio stations. We'll look into them. And no, we haven't gotten on the ball with Manifest yet, but thank you for the reminder.You can find the link to the Colbert roast on our home page. Thanks to Senyor.JAB, i know this might sound strange coming from me, but i don't equate church-going with lack of intelligence. I do often disagree with some interpretations by some congregations, as reported by the media, of what political choices a life of faith require. But i do know that it's a mixed bag. For instance, the Maryknolls, Catholic Workers, and many others see their life of faith leading them to what many would consider very radical action. And often, the "faithful" have been at the forefront of progressive - and radical - movements.The media reports that there is a growing debate among the evangelicals about the environment. But often, what the media reports is the "man bites dog" kind of thing. So candidate Kerry was receiving communion all over the place, but what got the media's attention was a bishop here and there who said that they would not give him communion. I heard some pretty strong homilies condemning such a stance. I don't know if this helps?