Another "Stop Bolton" Campaign has started, with today being a national call-in day. www.stopbolton.orgIf you haven't yet subscribed to Sam Smith's Progressive Review, you might have missed the poll data showing that Republicans are more likely to support fascist police state tactics than Democrats, or that more people have unfavorable view on unions than they do on Wal Mart, and an interesting piece on carbon credits among others. Instrigued? go to www.prorev.comAlso, if you want to know the real scoop on Darfur, there's no one like Eric Reeves. He's an English professor that somehow got involved in Sudan and is now one of the most lucid authorities on what is really happening there. And yes Virginia, genocide is really looming. We wrote a song about the genocide in Rwanda called For Whom the Bells Toll and the lyrics are terribly applicable to the crisis in Darfur. In the meantime, get connected: www.sudanreeves.orgAhh, and Katherine i-stole-the-election-for-dubya Harris won her primary in Florida. I look forward to Nelson trouncing her by double digits come November. Which appears to be more or less what the Florida GOP expects - and deserves. By the way, if you've never picked up a copy of "Jews for Buchanan" it's really good.Other decent picks: Ariel Dorfman "Heading South Looking North" and Pope Benedict XVI's first Encyclical "God is Love."Ta ta