Dear Vasily, Thanks for your posting. I agree with you that a change of party will not as you well put it "miraculously dissolve" all the problems of the world. But surely you too must recognize that the current crowd is not dissolving all the problems either.Did you catch wind of the conclusions of the NIE which stated flatly (unanimously by all US intelligence agencies) that the war in Iraq was definitely making things worse for the U.S.A. and breeding a lot more enemies?Also, i do not think that the enemies of the Republic are anxious for a change in the U.S.A.; they know that the more extreme the positions of the U.S.A., the better their recruiting.I don't think fighting fire with fire works. It is disastrous for all. The only people that benefit are the extremists. Surely you recognize that the party in control of the White House and the Congress are such extremists?