What is this crap about equating leaving Iraq to "cutting and running."If people would just sit down and learn what Islam is all about, and that at its very core it is an ideology of war designed only for conquest, they'd quickly come to two very important conclusions:1) The greatest weapon the jihadists have is the Muslim immigration to the West. Why? Because eventually, in EVERY group of Muslims in the history of Islam, the jihadists take over....'cause Islam and the example of Muhammed support the terrorists, not the ever-elusive "moderate" Muslims.2) Leaving Iraq would be one of the greatest moves we could make, as it would greatly weaken Islam. Remember, Muhammed declared war on the whole freakin' world almost 1400 years ago, and named his battle plan Islam, and its soldiers (both volunteer and conscripted) are Muslims, yes, even the peaceful ones do their part (like helping to divide the enemy, and making babies....the demographic jihad). If we left Iraq, the country would fall deeper into civil war, and every Middle Eastern Muslim country would start using its resources and manpower to win the battle for Iraq.....instead of using their resources and manpower to hurt us and keep our politicians fat and happy while they let more Muslims into the West.The Sunnis and Shia would cut each other up by the millions. Saudi Arabia would have to spend more of its money trying to win and secure Iraq, rather than building mosques here in the US and sending Saudi "students" to our universities. Iran would end up using enormous amounts of money and manpower trying to secure Iraq for the Shia, taking up their money, manpower, time, and attention. Even the jihadists in Europe and America would leave to fight and die in the Muslim vs. Muslim struggle to control Iraq, in the heart of the Middle East.All of this would be GOOD for the West, and for the whole world in general. Then we could begin the process of shoring up our defenses, to start the process of truly winning this war, the first step of which is STOPPING ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO THE WEST and ISOLATING THE ISLAMIC WORLD.That's why I'm tempted to vote for ANY candidate, Dem or Republican, who's #1 priority is to get us the hell out of Iraq.So......I guess that makes me somebody who just wants to "cut and run".