Saw "Scooter" Libby while i was out and about last night.It's amazing: the prosecution is about whether or not he lied about leaking, not about the leak itself.I'm not too psyched about the Directorate of Operations or its covert operatives. So when one of their operatives' cover is blown - provided that they are not killed or otherwise harmed - one could safely say that i might actually be a little happy because that's one less person lying for a living out there and getting people to betray their country. Or as the House Intelligence Oversight Committee wrote a few years back, instigating the breaking of 100,000 laws per year.It is tricky if we start arguing about the infiltration of terrorist cells so that's why i write, it is safe to say i might be happy. So let's save that for another time. There was an interesting paper done for Foreign Policy in Focus about intelligence reform and human rights that addresses some of those nuances.Anyhoo, what is most ironic about all of this, is that it appears that not only did Scooter Libby reveal the operative at Cheney's instigation, but so did Karl Rove, Richard Armitage, and who knows who else!When the leak was first disclosed, Bush stated before the cameras that the perpetrator would be found and punished. Incidentally, it was Bush Sr. who had criminalized the revelation of an operative.But it was all show. It was all B.S. It's all hypocrisy on parade.And that's what gets me.So anyways,