The most politically compelling way i have heard for derailing the so-called surge is to insist that no troops be put on the streets unless they are "battle-ready." That involves training and equipping them properly, which is not being done, and it would effectively kill the surge. Indeed, which Member of Congress no matter how reactionary or fascistically-inclined he or she might be would argue that they would be in favor of putting troops on the ground that are not battle-ready?A story in today's Washington Post states that a large number of Humvees don't have the necessary armor to protect against the device that is now causing up to 70% of all killings of US soldiers in some areas of Iraq.Getting back, no matter whether you believe the war was warranted or not, whether one should stay the course or get the &^%% out now, everyone can agree that not one more man or woman should be put on the ground unless that person is battle-ready, that we've done all we can to protect that person. Isn't that the least we can do? Especially if one is rallying the troops from the comfort of one's living room couch?Australian Prime Minister stated that Obama's call to end the deployment by year's end was comfort to the terrorists. Obama replied that if he feels so strongly about it he could send a lot more Australian troops then (they number barely more than a thousand). Good on ya mate!