Hey Hack,Thanks for all the ideas -- much appreciated -- and for astutely pointing out that we are hypocrites for having a myspace page. It seems to be the only way to keep in touch with certain people. I'm not in love with the phone company but we use them too. I will say that we don't go actively hunting people down with mass invites, and reject most of the ones we get because they're garbage. Dischord is an odd scenario because although we all met in DC we're now scattered around, and Dischord specializes in DC artists. Alt. Tentacles would be interesting. If you talk to Jello feel free to pass our info along -- your support is always greatly appreciated!! Vinyl, we would probably continue to release ourselves, like the Lies 7". Hope to get new stuff out the door before too much longer, just need to pick a song since there's quite a few in the hopper. Perhaps we can send you some demos and you can help pick...?