No, I didn't see that, but it doesn't surprise me. There are so many problems with the Warren Commission report / official story, I don't know if anyone believes it anymore.There's a great quote toward the end of that Rolling Stone article along the lines of, there were multiple plots against JFK because he had angered so many powerful interests, but ultimately it required the complicity of certain persons at the highest levels of government to change the parade route, use the open air limousine, reduce the Secret Service detail, etc. I tend to believe that the original plan was for Oswald to be killed the day of the shooting and framed as a Cuban proxy. (A second "Oswald" had tried to obtain a visa from the Cuban embassy in Mexico but been denied.) Then he could have been used to justify an invasion of Cuba. Remember, this was only a year after the missile crisis, and many in the military were convinced there were still some missiles there. However, Oswald killed the policeman sent to kill him and was later captured alive, necessitating his elimination in jail by Jack Ruby. At that point it became more important to portray both men as crazed lone gunmen then to pursue "Cuban" or other conspiracies -- because they might lead to the truth.