Well its certainly not the first time people have used fake names on this board, or "posed" as someone different than they are, which is fine and all if whomever digs doing it, but ummm what's the point? I suppose it's a way for the passive aggressive to speak out. Which is fine, we respect the opinions of passive aggressive people.That being said, even the title of the video makes it clear it's purely polemical - the "radical left" that poster is railing against is that inhuman, hatable foe that would disparage our military employees. Kindof like terrorists. And, this provides the raison d'etre of certain political camps. But, this does not represent the key point of disagreement, at least from my perspective. Pro/anti war folks are generally arguing about *how* to best "support the troops", not whether or not it should be done. Military personnel have a very hard, dangerous, life threatening job and the decision makers for their organization share none of the risk as the workers. So it's fair to debate the merits of the decision-making and spending that we all pay for -- from the perspective of wanting those lives not to be needlessly endangered -- without being mislabeled as something that fits a purely polarized political definition of the universe.