It's funny that Hack seems to draw imposters like a magnet.Must be part of the GOP operative strategy of disruption of anything remotely resembling dissent. What was that line? "You can't handle the truth"One of the techniques offered by the White House to their squads was to drown out protesters with the chant USA!USA!USA!The only difference i see from brownshirts - yes, brownshirts - is the lack of violence."Now hold on" you might say, "that's a pretty big difference."Yes, i might reply, but the point is exactly the same: to silence dissident or opposing voices. Exact same objective, to create the appearance of a unified mass. And that, my friends, is fascism."Wait!" you might protest, "Wasn't communism the same?"well, i would concede, yes, state communism as practiced by the Soviet Union and Cuba did/does operate the same, squelching and imprisoning dissidents in the name of national security.Perhaps that's why Bakunin, earlier and presciently, said that the worst crimes are wrapped in flags and justified "for reasons of State."Long Live Anarchy!