Pakistan Frees Nuclear Dealer in Snub to U.S. (NY Times, 2/6/09);pagewanted=all

So much for nuclear “containment.”

Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan may have singlehandedly given the U.S. the excuse it needed to extend the National Security State indefinitely. Should we believe that U.S. intelligence officials didn't know Khan was selling nuclear weapons equipment and technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea and were helpless to stop him? Or is it possible they chose not to stop him to ensure permanent job security for themselves and profitability for the large private corporations that control the federal government and benefit from permanent warfare and occupation of foreign countries? Such corporations include manufacturers of weapons, aircraft and troop transportation, surveillance systems, missile defense systems, hundreds of military support contractors (from mess hall to mercenaries), arms dealers, oil companies and mining companies that exploit the resources of occupied countries, and conglomerates such as G.E. that most Americans do not associate with "national security."