Blowback-Drug War-The Shift
Lying is "legal" and so are the killings
You properly frame'em enshrine 'em in law

National security Justifications
Driven by fear, accepting the wrong.

Isn't it time we change things?
Do we look for something new?
Does history have some lessons?
Perhaps we ought to shift our views?

"Us vs. them" That's how we frame things
Winners and Losers Will that ever end?
Look at the game board! Die are all loaded.
Why then insist on playing that game?

How do we lose this game board?
How do we leave the shell game?
Marching on the same old treadmill.
Screaming at the wrongs of "them."

We must change the words we have
We must change the words we think
We must change the words we say
And what we do.

An elder once asked me Where is Your Love?
Made me realize I had lots of work.

An Abbot then told me it'd all be cosmetic
Till we realize what we need is love.

We need a different game board:
I know that it's really there.
Shifting antagonism. Transformación.