BLOWBACK - Jugular Vein
Every single day people are being murdered by government forces. They are being killed for their political views, for belonging to a particular community, or simply for being poor. Every day, too, people seized by government agents are facing another form of elimination when they vanish into secret custody as if they never existed. They "disappear." Millions of men, women, and children have suffered such fates since the 1960s - the victims not of wars between nations, but of deliberate government policies of repression. Their deaths or "disappearances" were ordered or condoned by state officials, the very people entrusted to protect their lives and liberty.

-- Amnesty International in Getting Away with Murder: Political Killings and "Disappearances" in the 1990s, 1993, pg. 1.

Woke up at night
And I flicked the switch
The world turned black; my eyes went off
I began to see

I saw his face
Indifferent and mad
Blood freely flowed; spurts out the mouth
Saying now's the time - (to cut your)

Jugular Vein Jugular Vein
Heart Pumps
Jugular Vein Jugular Vein
Blood flows
Jugular Vein Jugular Vein
Screams drown
Jugular Vein Jugular Vein

I was confused
He turned on the news
Anchors blabbing shit; where's Chomsky now?
As the pictures rushed through

Little children screaming
The girls and women raped
All men are dead except of course
For the bloody man's friends (as they were)
Killing Again Killing Again
Killing Again Killing Again
Killing Again Killing Again
Killing Again Killing Again

But no one is listening
Even you that are here
Convinced we can't do anything
We continue to drift

But that is not true
Still they all proceed
Banking on the apathy all around
For their grisly deeds
(while they are)

Killing Again Killing Again
Jugular Vein Jugular Vein
Killing Again Killing Again
And they said
Never Again Never Again?