Blowback Greed Runs the Clock on Thashhead
Another amazing review of Greed Runs the Clock - thanks Rene and Thrashhead, you can read the full review here!

"The album superbly navigates an ocean of influences to present to you a steaming hot platter of no bullshit punk rock spiced heavily with some red hot socio-political commentary which will have your ass burning for a week.

You take "Cassandra's Lament" for example and you got the groove of NYC Hardcore yet, the spoken word against blind consumerism reminds me of the early bay punx...while, at the same time, the raging screams of "the smokestacks reaching into the sky" and the pounding drum intro points me towards the seemingly conflicting directions of the more volatile anger of Amebix and Bad Brains (Right Brigade)!

Blowback has put out one of the strongest punk offerings I've heard this year, it's genre-less, it's just punk fucking rock!"

Check out Greed on the Music page here.