I'm open to hearing your definition of a "legitimate" intelligence service. I'm presuming your view is that the CIA and other services are out of control and beyond hope of any true deep reform, and therefore need to be replaced by something, no? Is there some nation out there whose intelligence services you would suggest as a model?I'm also hoping that you're not suggesting that Reich should go back to Cuba. That's the sort of thing that could come back to bite you.As for Iraq, you didn't answer the question. Then again, you didn't address the point about who'd replace Reich either. BTW, do you believe that the Kurds should have a homeland of their own, or at the least some degree of autonomous rule w/in Iraq? Should Hussein be tried for crimes against humanity for gassing civilian Kurds? How do you propose that that happen? And try to stick to the question instead of telling all the other people who should be tried for crimes against humanity. Or at least answer the question while you're doing it.