You're accusing me of deflecting? I've been the one answering the questions. I thought I'd put the shoe on your foot. Anyone can be a critic. Why don't you propose something? You make clear what you're against, i.e. the CIA. What are you for? You sound like Daschle and Gephardt -- gripe, gripe, gripe, but never propose an alternative.You want an example of deflection? You still haven't answered my original question about your apparent weasel wording, "under current circumstance" regarding Iraq. I pointed that out in my last post.You've assumed that I support a Kurdish homeland or some sort of self-rule; I didn't say that. I asked what you thought about it.And if the Palestinians want a homeland, your view also would be that it's none of my, or your, or anyone else's business? Congrats. You and Sharon now agree on something -- the rest of the world has no business getting involved in the situation.And just for the hell of it, in terms of whom I choose to support overseas, morally, politically, or financially, when is it my business? Like it or not, and personally I don't, Sharon was democratically elected. For that matter, so was Rios Montt. Either one is a far cry from Saddam Hussein, who was not. And what happened to the Kurds is a far cry from Sabra and Shatila.