Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I somehow got suckered into a assistant coaching job for a tee ball team that my niece plays on,and it's been keeping me busy.My uncle recently told me the number one killjoy of coaching baseball is parents and he was right.The other team (coaches and parents) think their shit don't stink and threaten to quit just about every other game and practice. They just went to a board meeting and called the board members incompetent.The board wasn't too pleased.Other than that,it's pretty fun!Hack,you're a baseball fan! Have you heard about the 35 and over Slowpitch Leagues? Maybe we should form our own team!The Blowback team! heh heh.With Blowback playing live during the game.Hell,we could start our own "warped" tour heh. What the hell,there's already anarchist soccer teams.