"Carlos (and Bob). You just prefer to answer questions with more questions"I've never answered one of your questions with a question.Whose the numbnuts now,eh?"Maybe if you had a real job, you could actually see reality."I have a real job.And I do see reality.The reality is,jobs don't pay shit these days and people need to bargin collectively to raise up their standards of living. "What you are describing was when the pendulum swung too far to one direction. This statement is also true for today’s unions."Agreed.Unions today are shit who don't give a damn about it's members. I'm in the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) though,and we don't have any leadership positions to rule any other members.The IWW believes the individual has the right to make his or her own decisions,not the international.Also,the IWW doesn't endorse politcal candidates unlike the American Fakers of Labor."The middle is where everyone benefits."I wouldn't say "everyone" benefits.That's a presumption.Do you have cold hard evidence that everyone benefits from the middle?"Open up your mind, you Birkenstock wearing schmuck!"I'm no hippy! By the way,I always thought hippies used phases like "Open up your mind".Maybe you got a some hippy floating around in that brain of yours."That kind of response is so typical of you leftists."What? Sarcasm? And I'm not exactly what you would call a "leftist".Don't believe me? Ask Carlos."You are such extremists."Look who's talking!"By the way Bob, aren’t you a self-employed musician?"No,I don't play in bands.I use to though,but for fun not money."Don’t you work hard for what you earn in this capitalist society?"I work hard.Don't you even dare say I don't.You don't know me.And no,I'm not getting what I'm worth.I feel I'm being underpaid.Hell,when I worked as a manager for a fast food restaurant even the upper managment admitted that we were underpaid for the work we did.And I think that's true for most working people.We're underpaid.This is a capitalist society? Gee,Rush Limbaugh would have you believe we were under socialist rule."Don’t you pay your own taxes?"Yep,and the majority of it is being used for things I don't agree with."Aren’t you outraged when you think about the vermin drug-addicted slime leaching off of the system every time you write those tax payments?"My best friend died from drugs.She wasn't "slime leaching off of the system".No,I'm not outraged at all,I'm more outraged at the anti worker laws.And no,I don't use drugs." What about the illegal aliens flooding into the Border States?"Those "illegals" are some of the hardest working people I've ever encountered who take pride in their work.America would be at a loss if we are to deny them a right to be here."I doubt it very seriously that you would be working for someone else now that you have tasted free enterprise as a self employed musician & businessman."I highly doubt if Blowback considers themselves "businessmen".And a lot of musicians aren't into it as a business.Most people play music 'cause they like to play music."It’s about survival of the fittest. That goes for the human race as well."Hmmm,Triumph of the Will,huh? Might is Right? That's exactly what the nazi crowd says.You seem to have alot in common with them.