Like.. a... gee, I don’t know… What is the population of Canada anyway??? Is it more than the US? Should we all just pack up and move to that vast utopian socialist wonder-world of diversity? The borders are wide open. We could just roll on in. I need to see that movie like I need another hole in my head. Michael Moore. That is all I need to know. Because after all, he is such a pillar in the left wing wacko community and couldn’t possibly be wrong. Thought provoking? I’m sure it is. He tells so many thought-provoking stories. Besides, Sarah won’t let me take the wheel chair into crowded movie theatres. I can only sit here like a good little liberal and do stuff like revise history, blame America for all that is bad in the world, decry class warfare, etc. You know, Michael Moore kind of stuff. I just wish I could join the rest of you useful idiots sometime and march on Washington or Seattle or Paris to blame America for everything. It looks like fun!!