On 19 Dec 2002 00:02:11 -0000 QT - Jim Bradey wrote:>--QT>>Does it go into the racial makeup and/or social-economic >levels>of the alleged shooters and their alleged victims?Yes. Have >you>ever read the book ┬“The Bell Curve┬”? No.Are you now going >to>accuse me of being a racist Nofor confusing your argument >with the >facts? Huh?want the true meaning of ┬“Ditto┬”, go to >Rush┬’s>web site for the explanation. It does not have anything >to do>with agreeing with him or his views. Huh?You should keep >your>friends close and your enemies closer, and then you would >know>what you were talking about.Is that a threat? Please clarify.o do you think you >are>telling me how to spell my name?>In your first message under "James Bradey" you said someone had tried to kill your boss Ronnie. You were obviously making a reference to Reagan's press secretary James Brady, who was also shot. There is no "e" in that "Brady.