I have a sneaky suspicion that there may only be 5 people on this web site’s cat room. I have been doing some investigative research and have come to the conclusion that carlos, BIII, Bob and myself are the real McCoys. Every other person is the same person under many different names. I have to conclude this because I am Hack, er, uh, Officer Hack and I know that I am right. Don’t believe me? Come with me on a protest march sometime and watch me and my friends shout down any and all opinions that aren’t in line with our socialist, liberal, “one world order” agenda. Just like I did to the person using all of these fake names. He doesn’t’ march in line with me so he must be a bad person. He may even be a capitalist, or even worse… a conservative. Let’s all chant for him and make a wish on our crystals that he’ll change his evil ways.