The site is down but here it is:THE PETITION LETTER (2nd Edition) TO: President Bush CC: Secretary of State Powell and U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan From: Leftist wack-jobs and Anti-American verminSUBJECT: Please just give in so we don’t have to fight for our freedom and just party instead, dudes __________ Dear Mr. President, On October 11, the U.S. Congress passed a joint resolution on Iraq that authorizes you to use war if needed (period) We pacifists are concerned that you found Iraq's response "not encouraging" just because the Iraqis shot at American aircraft patrolling the no fly zone as per the UN resolutions.In this context, we pacifists are also concerned by your Administration's repeated attempts to frame Iraqi anti-aircraft fire within the no-fly-zone as a material breach of the resolution even if that is exactly what it is.. As U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and other U.N. diplomats have pointed out, the latest resolution clearly excludes such events from its jurisdiction but the previous ones do not. So actually this whole paragraph is bullshit so never mind, dudes.The United States has made a commitment to approaching the danger that Saddam Hussein poses through the international community to appease the leftist socialist vermin scumbags in the E.U.. The resumption of the inspections regime is a triumph for the E.U., the French, international law and multilateralism. But the United States will lose all credibility with the leftists and socialist vermin scum in Europe if it appears that it will go to war regardless of the inspections’ perceived success. Never mind the fact that he who frames the debate, wins the debate. The issue is not about any “Smoking Guns”. The facts are that Iraq has chemical & biological weapons that were there before desert storm ever started. Iraq has not proven in any way, shape or form that it has destroyed these weapons and that alone is a breach. We can roll over to the terrorists and their supporters and smoke dope all day long or we can go kick the ass of the dictator and his supporters who support Islamo-fascism & threaten us with destruction on a daily basis.