No no no no no "Clark'n'Moore" you clear headed amazing super patriot you! what a mastery of the truth. Oh, how I wish I could see things as clearly as you! I wish I knew about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution and the story of Ameriocan Freedom like you! Oh, I should do a love poem to your brain and amazing vast wide knowledge.OOOOOHHH AHHHHCLARK'N'MOORE SO VERY WISEOOOOHHH AHHHHCLARK'N'MOORE LIKE GENOCIDEBuy our Cd and hum it to yourself to the tune of any of our delightful little ditties! Hey, you're a big capitalist!! after all!! I thought you've been saying you hate america. But i guess making you deal witht he founding fathers was jsut a bit much.Coming soon, quotes from the FOunding Fathers that are sure to throw you into a tizzy. Can't you wait? Jefferson!! Franklin!! Washington!! Paine!!For funny funny funny Clark'n'Moore. I mean "Clark'n'Moore"BTW, try reading The Story of American Freedom by Foner. You jsut might learn something about US history. WOuldn't that be something!