I didn't really disagree with the piece from the Daily Mirror that you forwarded under my name, and certainly agreed with some of it, such as "American voices arealready being raised against attacking Iraq - that's what ademocracy is for." But I disagree with your, the author's, and the Bush administration's premise that war on Al-Qaeda and war on Iraq are the same thing, and the related premise that anyone opposed to war on Iraq hates America or blames America for everything wrong in the world.And I strongly object to you submitting words or forwarding articles under my name, even if I may turn out to agree with some of them.I'm not sure what to make of your last statement. One minute you accuse everyone else here of spewing venom, the next you say "flower power is all you can come up with?" I suppose that's a convenient way of avoiding the issue of intellectual honesty inherent in using multiple aliases.