Hey, check it out, here's a review from the new issue of Skratch Mag:BLOWBACKTRACK IIISTRING BREAK RECORDSMisguided Politically fueled wannabe hardcore that actually delivers more pain than originality. Extremist liberal socialist commentary on government policy, human rights and class struggle based solely on Marxist propaganda. Singer Carlos thinks has actual real world political ties, as he is a Capitol Hill Lobbyist for gay rights causes. So it becomes quite apparent that these guys have perspectives that are squarely rooted in the obscure realm of the absurd rather than conceptual gimmickry. Music wise, they are reminiscent to the old school soft core noise of heavy hitters like THE BAY CITY ROLLERS and early FALCO combined with the sensory assault of current bands like THE BACK STREET BOYS and BUTT PIRATES. Yeah these guys sound pretty angry and it is evident in their songs. Fast, hard to understand, out of tune, loose, loud and socially irresponsible. Everything a wannabe hardcore band should be! Do yourselves a favor; save your money and pass on these guys. -Lugz