How does one go about responding to someone who is in such denial as yourself. . . You perform for and are aligned with anti-American groups. I saw you on C-Span. I heard your message. You are anti-American. You are the vermin scum who rail against the very country that gives you the freedom to do so. You hide behind the Constitution when it suits your needs and spit on it when it does not. Why don’t you use all of your vast tax exempt 501C3 resources to gather up all of your comrades and take a one-way trip to Iraq. I heard the human shield brigade is looking for more volunteers. As for the Secretary of Defense’s comments, please (oh please) do tell me what parts are inaccurate. Have you ever volunteered to serve in the armed forces? It scares the hell out of me to think of spineless anti-Americans like yourselves wearing the uniform as a result of a draft. What sad little angry boys you are.