Vermin Scum (can I call you "Verm" for short?), The only masquerade I see here is a coward, you, pretending to be a patriot by insulting conscientious Americans under cover of the anonymity afforded by using multiple aliases. At least the members of Blowback have the courage to stand up for what they believe. You have yet to do the same. You won't even answer the very questions you pose to "test" others' patriotism, such as have YOU ever volunteered for the armed forces? As you yourself said under one of your earlier aliases, "Your silence on these matters is deafening."BTW, you left out the third "e" in "Berkeley." I'm not usually so pedantic, but since you earlier made such a point of ridiculing colloquial ethnic speech, I think it's fair to point out you seem to have a problem with certain vowels.Happy Superbowl Sunday, "Jim Bradey." I mean, "Jim Brady." I mean, "Verm." Oakland's going to stomp Tampa Bay!