I would like to share with you my (Bob's) vision for the future, what the 6th era of the Klan is, and why you should support The Knights program and make a life long serious commitment to its advancement, political agenda, and its potential to bring about a white Christian political and social revolution in the United States perhaps sparking victories for White Christians the whole world over! We are promoters of White Christian civilization. We believe that the concepts of private property, free enterprise, representative government, parental rights, freedom of speech, right to trial by jury, right to address the government for a redress of grievances, etc. are essential ingredients for a civilized and moral society. These are concepts born out of the genius of white men and women. We give credit to all men and women who helped instill these cherished ideas into the hearts of our founding ancestors. These cherished and essential ingredients to a civilized and moral society are born out of the white race. These concepts are a direct product of the White race. It is white culture. When we give honor to these ideals we give honor to our ancestors and our White Christian culture. Is this wrong? We don't think so. Is it wrong to instill this sense of pride and appreciation for our White Christian culture in our children? We don't think so. Many people around the world can agree that America has the best government bar none. We have many more freedoms in America than anywhere else. True, there are politicians in Washington D.C. working around the clock chipping away at our liberty, but thanks to the foresight of our founding fathers America has held out the longest against the global, race mixing, homosexual, anti-Christ forces working to wipe out White Christianity the way we have always known it. For example, we can thank God for the foresight our founding fathers had to recognize our right to freedom of speech. Without this precious amendment we would not be allowed to promote our Christian beliefs. Even though our founding fathers formed our nation as a Christian nation and government, this amendment is one more thorn in the side of those politicians who wish to silence us. God may continue to test our endurance, but he is going to bless us with victories and the necessary tools to win an ultimate victory for our people and faith. Does it mean we are superior because we enjoy the fruits of White Christian concepts of liberty. Maybe you think it does, maybe you don't. I don't really think it matters. What sane person could say he or she doesn't enjoy the concept of privacy, of caring for the sick and poor, of educating our children in strong moral values and Christian responsibility, of strong families who stay together, of personal responsibility. If these are things you are against then you probably do think we are calling ourselves superior. But the fact is these concepts are born out of White Christian people and we think America would be a terrible place without this sense of freedom and Christian conduct. In fact freedom and Christian conduct are being frowned upon by many in the entertainment industry, in the court system, in the school system and ironically most Christian churches who now call themselves JUDEO Christians - as if a group of people who HATE Jesus Christ and a group of people who LOVE Jesus Christ have anything in common at all! Our children's minds are being attacked daily in all spheres of their innocent life by anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda. By the time they reach adult hood they are an obedient slave to the ideas of race mixing, globalism, homosexuality, abortion, and dozens of Marxist based, liberal schemes meant to artificially lift non-whites to a higher level of civilization - a civilization they condemn on one hand and then beg to be a part of the next - all of this at the expense and destruction of White Christians. Fortunate we are for those have been able to see past the propaganda and retain a sense of pride in their race and faith. To be certain, there are millions of White Christians in America who have the same pride and share our same beliefs and love for White Christian civilization. While the millions who are sympathetic to our plight are utterly silent in their thoughts even among those they are close to, the assault upon the next generation is increased and even more intense. These are children we want to save because in their lifetime and in their hands holds all of our future. How can we save them and thus insure a prosperous future for our people? We simply need more help. The silent supporters must begin to consciously support the effort to save our race, faith, and homeland! Do we believe we can have a perfect nation? No. But we do believe as our founding fathers believed that we can have the best possible nation if governed as a White Christian nation. Under a white Christian government the previously mentioned concepts of freedom and liberty flourish. We envision an America once again guided by Biblical principles and laws. Whose laws better to follow than those of the creator of our universe. Who has a more perfect knowledge of good and evil, of right and wrong, of pain and pleasure than our creator Jesus Christ. Does it not make sense to then heed his advice and the advice of Biblical scholars inspired by God thousands of years ago? We envision an America free from the illegal privately owned Federal Reserve and a return to constitutional currency as commanded by the founding fathers. The Bible condemns usury and so did our founders. We envision an America where families are not strewn apart, broken apart, and worn down by a crooked banking system and insane economic policies which force mothers into the job market and away from their children whether they want to or not. Economics is a major factor in divorce and tension within families. Poor people get poorer. Wealthy people must pay more for being financially successful and the elderly, in a society where families live farther apart then in former years, are often left struggling to merely survive. We envision an America where our poor and our sick are taken care of first, before any foreign nation. We envision an America where we don't need a new health care system, because our people can afford health care for their families. The economic benefits of repealing the Federal Reserve Act and returning to constitutional currency would be so wide sweeping that it can hardly be imagined. But it is true, we are in economic bondage to a PRIVATE corporation and if we can ever throw it off our backs, the prosperity that would return to our nation is almost inconceivable! We envision an America that is safe to live in for everyone and it will be safe because violent offenders of humanity will be punished severely and everyone will have the right to protect their person, family, and property. No one will "get away with" murder. No one will "get away with" rape. No one will "get away with" child molestation. So what if the offender is "sick" or needs mental help. Cut the cancer out of society once and for all. No repeat offenders. We envision an America where children aren't criticized in school for being Christians, but rather are taught the wisdom, virtues, values, and morals of Christianity - a necessary ingredient in a civilized society. We envision an America where our children are taught about the heroes of our race, the inventors, the philosophers, the statesmen, and the relationship between our race and the future of America. We envision an America in which fair play is the rule. Everyone should be hired and promoted based upon their ability. The work place should be a positive experience for both the employer and the employee. Employers deserve honest hard working employees who in return deserve a safe workplace and fair pay - for both men and women. Future employers and employees who have been raised in a Christian environment would be less likely to take advantage of each other. Christian ethics belong in business as well! We envision an America where the parents are recognized as the authority of their children and are encouraged to instill sound ethics, morals and values in their children. We believe corporal punishment should be returned to the schools and used to forge strong God fearing responsible citizens. We envision an America in which our children are not confronted by anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda, where they are not confronted with the "joys" of homosexuality or race mixing, but rather the condemnation of these behaviors by God. We envision an America in which these anti-Christian behaviors are punished and serve as additional deterrents to anyone toying with the satanic notion of race mixing or homosexuality. We envision an America where our children can be raised in a wholesome environment. We envision an America in which our borders are secure and non-whites who don't share our concepts of liberty find entrance impossible. We envision an America in which all races are given the opportunity to return to their native lands, to govern themselves and to choose their own destiny. We envision an America where those non-whites choosing to stay to enjoy the benefits of Christian living are respected, protected, and given the opportunity to prosper to the best of their ability while recognizing the lawful authority of White Christians to rule over America. A guest in your home is always expected to respect your authority. Likewise non-whites who reside in America should be expected to conduct themselves according to Christian principles and must recognize that race mixing is definitely wrong and out of the question. It will be a privilege to live under the authority of a compassionate White Christian government. We envision the same America that our founding fathers and mothers envisioned - nothing different. The only difference is that during the formation of our country, our people shared this dream in mass. Today, we are told that either this was NOT the dream of our founders or we are told that it WAS their dream and they are evil bigots. The fact is they built a nation and formed a government using biblical principles to give "their" posterity freedom in the pursuit of life and happiness. Non-whites were of no concern to them. Their white children were. Yes, we envision a White Christian America just like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Lincoln, Webster, Madison, etc. We inherited a Christian government and it is our duty to insure it's return. How do we do this? First we must win political power. America's problems are so entwined with each other that it would be virtually impossible to do it by simply enacting a new law here or there and the politicians refuse to stand up for White Christians. We must take control of virtually every political seat our nation has to offer. We must take back our government from the school board to the White House. Change will occur when White Christians are in power once again. The struggle now is to gain political power and that brings us to the 6th era of the klan. It is well known that the Klan saved the white population of the South after the civil war. The ku klux klan is known around the world for its support of white Christian civilization - the very reason for its existence. The original ku klux klan consisted of men of honor and of Christian character. They were men of standing - fighting to protect their families and their support was widespread. Over 130 years later the ku klux klan still has the reputation of standing up for White people. It makes no difference how many times the klan is portrayed as sinister by the media and so-called community leaders, the entertainment industry etc. It is still common knowledge that the ku klux klan stands for white people. This can never be denied and will always be understood. Does the Democratic Party stand for white people? Does the Republican Party stand for white people? Some might argue they do and some will say they don't. But there will never be any doubt about the stance the ku klux klan takes in regard to White Christianity. As stated before, it is the reason for our existence. Our enemies are scared. They recognize an awakening among our people and they push harder and harder with the propaganda. Many fall prey to it - others become so overloaded on the anti-white propaganda that they snap out of the media induced daze they have been in and finally they see for the first time the incredible almost seemingly planned out attack on our race and faith. The ranks of men and women in America who see the betrayal of the November criminals ( the politicians) toward our people are swelling day by day and our window of opportunity is nearing. America is at the crossroads. We will either become a modern day Rome decayed with filth, homosexuals, race mixing, idolatry, and humanism, that collapses from within or it will purge itself of the sickness and will restore law and order and Christian judgments across the land. After our nation shows God that we will obey his laws and govern our nation according to his will our people will be blessed once again with peace and prosperity. We believe the Ku Klux Klan is the answer to America's problems - not the ultimate answer, because no Christian can doubt the absolute power that Christ has over the final outcome - but we do believe the Ku Klux Klan to be the tool Christ will use to restore America to glory. The Ku Klux Klan was used by God to save his white children in the South from destruction and once again the Ku Klux Klan will lead the struggle to regain our nation The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is the only legitimate national klan organization in America and we feel all other groups pale in comparison to the quality and potential of The Knights Party. What makes our organization different you may ask and how can we claim to be of higher caliber than other groups calling themselves ku klux klan? 1. We are the oldest klan organization in America. This is a fact. The Knights was originally chartered in 1956 in Louisiana and David Duke was the first Grand Wizard or in modern terminology - National Director. One group headquartered in Vidor, Texas tries to give the impression that their organization is over 130 years old, however this is done simply by tying in their 5 year old group with the history of the group whose name they adopted. In fact their "national director" was once an associate of The Knights, but failed to complete even the basic qualifying steps for Knighthood. Does this mean our organization is better - I think so - when looking at an organization you must take into account the track record, knowledge, history, and length of time in the movement of it's leadership. In fact almost all klan groups in existence today have splintered from The Knights at some point in the past causing disunity and confusion - and as the Bible says " confusion is of the devil" - but such is the result of weak character. 2. We are the ONLY white rights organization in America that follows the "leadership principle" . If you want to become a klan leader and that is your main concern, you can do it very quickly by joining another klan group. Our enemies laugh at the ease at which titles of position are handed out within the white racialist movement. One klansman resigned recently because he wants to use traditional klan titles instead of modern klan titles. A noble reason to resign? Is this unity? Was he acting honorably in his decision - was he honest in his explanation - I think the answer was found out when his web site appeared on the internet the very next day and he was now boasting the title of Grand Dragon. Did this person's qualifications for a position of leadership suddenly get better or improve overnight? Does he understand strategy? No, but his newly affiliated group quick to have a "name" in the state gave away an undeserved title. Titles must be earned not given away. A title that has not been earned is worth nothing - except it can be displayed on a letter head or business card. We believe that an individual who has gone through our ranking system is better qualified to be a state director or regional director than the actual state directors of any other klan group in America! However, we are looking for people who are in this for the long haul - for the long term. Loyalty is the first priority of effective leadership - if a klansman or klanswoman can't even stay with an organization for 7 or 8 years and be faithful in the payment of their dues, how can they expect to take on a high position of leadership, unless of course they join a group with low standards and they become "instant leaders". 3. Our organization has original ideas. Imagine that you have created something - maybe a painting, poem, or proposal for work and then you begin seeing it reproduced everywhere - except it has someone else's name on it. Our organization has had a problem with this - it seems that other groups see nothing dishonorable about plagiarizing our written material. One site out of Texas on America on Line has reprinted our political platform as if it was their own. They even show a picture of OUR party banner ( designed by Pastor Robb in 1983) and describes it as a 5th era banner in general use rather than identifying it as The Knights official banner. Virtually EVERY klan group in existence uses one of our oldest pieces of literature as their own. " As the cannons fell silent" is the phrase that begins this hallmark introductory leaflet written by The Knights. Now the leaflet is used by every group instead of writing their own. "The Negro Question" and "Does the Klan hate Negroes" is a widely copied article of The Knights. "The name of the ku klux klan breaks through the iron curtain of the media" is another phrase you may recall seeing on other klan websites. Our organization comes up with it's own ideas, our own strategy, our own literature, our own program, etc. We do not attempt to take the ideas of others and pass them off as our own - however, it seems that we are not afforded this same courtesy by others. We point this out because it would be absolutely unbelievable the extent that our articles, uniform, slogans, etc are being copied by other groups - all who claim to believe in unity. This shows them to lack integrity, honesty, and Christian character. Does this make our organization better than theirs. You bet it does! 4. Our organization is well known through out law enforcement for being non-violent. Is our stance against violent acts just rhetoric - absolutely not! Some individuals quit because they don't believe we are "tough" enough! They believe that America must fear the klan - as if they are going to hurt you if you don't support them. What nonsense! First, there isn't much a person can do behind bars - and there isn't much escaping the consequences of illegal or violent activity these days. Secondly, it is morally wrong for individuals to take the law into their own hands. Thirdly, the day white Christian America learns to embrace and love the ku klux klan is the day that we will begin to take back political control - not by forcing our white brothers and sisters to support us but by winning and deserving their support. We don't believe, despite the impression given, that other klan groups are violent. But they do give the impression they are and that makes it easy for them to become entrapped. Does this mean our organization is better because we stand by our non-violent stance - well it does make us smarter!. 5. We are the most active klan organization in America. By the time an individual goes through our ranking system and becomes a Knight, they have the basic mental tools to cause effective change. Gigantic change - individually? No. But they are equipped with the basic knowledge needed to back up their beliefs, they have become more knowledgeable of our people's history, their downfall, and what is needed for our people to rise again. They have an understanding of why certain strategies exist, what mistakes other klan groups make and why they continue to make them. Education is at the foundation of our organization. The Bible instructs us to build our house on rock and not on sand. Yet many klan groups attempt to organize their members to activity without basing that activity on solid ground. They may succeed in getting some short term members who burst onto the scene full of excitement, ready to do something for white people - but eventually they burn out. Their dedication to the ku klux klan is short lived. Their leadership did not take the necessary precautions, they did not instruct their members, educate their members, or guard them from paranoia tactics used by our enemies. Their activity is not based on solid ground and their activities come and go. Almost every klansman and klanswoman in The Knights is active. Hundreds of thousands of pro-white leaflets are distributed each week around the nation and the organization continues to grow - building a solid launching pad for future political moves. We don't lead Klansmen and klanswomen into believing that we will achieve victory overnight. It will be a hard long struggle. Klansmen and Klanswomen must be encouraged - everything about our organization is done and promoted, surrounded, etc. by positive thoughts. We continually stress the power of positive thinking and positive things result. We are proud of the klansmen and klanswomen who associate with The Knights. We are proud to have the most positive, professional, and upbeat klansmen and klanswomen in America. They understand that this isn't a club, or a fraternity, but a white Christian political party working for very serious and very real goals and they stay active in the pursuit of those goals. 6. We have a history. Where do the other groups come from. How long have their "leaders" been in the racialist movement? Are they Christians? What standards do they maintain to insure a credible organization? Are they only part time klan "leaders"? What did they do before they became a klan "leader"? Have they themselves been proven to be disloyal? What are their qualifications to lead a klan organization? These are all questions which should be asked by anyone before making a decision to associate with a klan organization. Our national director has been in the racialist movement for 35 years and has served as a spokesman, author, organizer, etc in the movement for over 30 years. There isn't another national director (grand wizard) out there who has been in the movement longer than 10 years. Are they Christians - do they act like Christians? One leader of a klan group based in Indiana claims to be a Christian when ever he appears on the Jerry Springer show - yet he's on probation for defrauding elderly people and worked as an FBI informant to assist in the arrest of 70 fellow drug users - this isn't Christian conduct. One Klan leader living in Louisiana claims two Negro dependants for income tax purposes. Can individuals such as these create and then maintain credible standards for a legitimate klan organization to follow - I doubt it. There are some well meaning "leaders" of some very small groups, but then again while they may be sincere - sincerity doesn't insure victory. Sincerity must be combined with the qualifications necessary to run a national organization. The Knights is the only klan organization successful enough to have a full time national director and full time office staff at headquarters. Are we to assume that the president of the NAACP fulfills his obligation as director of the largest Negro organization in the nation after he is done at his day job? Absolutely not. We are SERIOUS about waging a political assault on the traitors in government and we recognize that this means we must have full-time leadership. Saving our children isn't a hobby or something we do only on weekends. The Knights has full-time leadership and a full-time staff always working with recruiters, units, new Klansmen, designing literature, putting out publications, planning events, advertising through the media, conducting interviews, planning for the future etc. 7. We don't act like morons! Our national membership coordinator says the klansmen shown on the TV talk shows act like professional wrestlers. It's an excellent comparison. Why would an intelligent person, sincerely motivated and wanting to help create a better world for his or her children act like such idiots on TV? Either they aren't intelligent and therefore shouldn't be leading anything or they purposely wish to taint the image of the klan. Which ever is the reason doesn't matter in the long run, because any stupid behavior by any self styled klansman will turn off thousands of possibly interested individuals. Our leadership is always professional, well dressed, and well spoken. We wouldn't even consider allowing one of our associates to go on a talk show in a green or purple robe acting like an intellectual reject. The television appearances we have made on talk programs ( Montel Williams, Geraldo, Maury Povich, Sally Jesse Raphael, Rivera Live, Rikki Lake, Jane, 48 hours, The Today Show, 20/20, were done in a very professional manner - no screaming, obscene gestures, shoving, pushing, yelling, swearing, or silly looking outfits. We get good publicity because we don't act like morons or talk like morons. We are a legitimate klan organization. We have real structure, real leaders, real spokesmen and spokeswomen, a real office, a real publication, real goals and a real plan. We are the real deal and we are moving into the 6th era of the klan.The 6th era of the klan is political in nature and the next natural course to take. Like the 5th era of the klan in which the politicians are viewed as the culprits in the betrayal of our people we continue with that view, however ,our strategy for the 6th era must be bold, well organized, thought out, and effective. Anonymity for the individual klansman or Klanswoman is essential in the 6th era. Klansmen and Klanswomen in The Knights are part of a nationally organized network and we must use all legal means necessary in order to bring about a return of lawful government in this nation. We must set our entire focus on what we can personally do to promote The Knights Party.In the 6th era the national headquarters must be very public in the promotion of our political program and political goals. Like a giant iceberg, the national headquarters serve as the spokesman for the movement and lies above the surface - the tip of the iceberg. But, below the surface is it's strength - the massive structure that serves to give strength to the tip. In any campaign, defeat or victory is often times determined by having either a weak constituency or a strong constituency. Klansmen and Klanswomen nationwide are very important to the effectiveness of our organization and in achieving political power. In the 6th era we will only have one window of opportunity. The hour is late for our people and there is no longer any room for mistakes or for the foolish behavior which is often seen on trash TV. Supporters must work to keep The Knights visibly present in their communities. As we now begin a new millennium we must understand the full potential the 6th era has and that The Knights Party can win political power! Between General Forrest, the first leader of the Ku Klux Klan in the late 1800's and our national director, Thomas Robb, over 130 years later, the klan has come full circle, this time, not just the south but the whole of America is suffering at the hands of political despots who cherish not in the ideals of our forefathers but relish in the sins of tyranny. White Christian people in this nation have lost control of their schools, their neighborhoods, their children and their destiny. The entire future of you and your family is ruled by politicians in Washington D.C. who bow and scrape before every demand of so-called minorities, leaving our white Christian people disenfranchised. Our country's "leaders" are weak, dishonest, and cowardly. The statesmen of the past who guided our nation with wisdom and Christian virtue are no longer with us. Today we are ruled by political despots who have and continue to betray us. In the past those who would sell out their own people and heritage for political gain were called scalawags. In front of the TV camera they are called congressmen and senators - but we know what they are! Hence we have come full circle and today once again we must put our emphasis on national issues and the betrayal of our leaders! Just as it was in 1865, Nathan Bedford Forrest would agree - political power is our GOAL! Something that makes the klan unique is it's ability to adapt to different eras, but yet at the same time retain it's message, it's beliefs, it's principles and ideals. Over the years the klan has attracted to it men and women of honor, courage, sincerity, love and loyalty. In addition, the Klan has been blessed with leaders of vision. Nathan Bedford Forrest, in fulfilling his destiny, led the ku klux klan in it's effort to deliver the South from the bonds of federal tyranny. Nathan Bedford Forrest, lieutenant general in the Armies of the Confederate States, and national head of the Ku Klux Klan during the dark period of Reconstruction after the war between the states, was born near Chapel Hill, Tennessee, July 13, 1821. He received no formal education, but educated himself by reading and study and was noted as a mathematician. A self-educated man and a man of determination and accomplishments, he rose from a poor, uneducated boy to be a wealthy land owner, a great military commander, a polished gentleman, a fierce warrior, and a committed Christian. He would be honored to know Pastor Robb is at the helm of this great organization. If we really want to win political power we must have the leadership that can do more than dream, but can articulate that dream to others and to excite them in the fact that within them flows the blood of conquerors; leaders who have faith in our ultimate victory. These are qualities that embody Pastor Robb, our national director. He has shaped the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan into a modern, professional political movement. He has brought years of experience to The Knights and made it what it is today. In 1991, Newsweek Magazine wrote: "Robb's tactics appear to be effective...In Montgomery, Alabama, Klanwatch believes Robb has led the most successful recruiting drive since Duke."In a news article from the London Sunday Times (October 11, 1992) they wrote, "An accomplished and charismatic speaker, Robb is viewed by civil rights experts as the most dangerous of the new breed of white supremacists because of his communication skills, political ambitions and his impressive ability to cloak the underlying message of hatred and intolerance in an avuncular garb of reason and logic."Dan Levitas of the Center for Democratic Renewal in Atlanta, Georgia said: "Robb is a master of media manipulation. He has constructed a well crafted and successful marketing strategy for the klan.Dr. Ed Fields, publisher and editor of The Truth at Last newspaper said: "Today There are numerous klan groups. Some only existing in a single community, others state wide or operating in several states. There is one klan leader who has built a true national klan organization. This is Pastor Thom Robb. Today he carries on more wide spread activity th