Ah yes, the first Gulf War was in January-February 1991 and Clinton entered office in January 1993. So let's blame Clinton (who opposed the war in the first place) for not starting a second war to oust Saddam, after Poppy Bush's re-installation of the Emir of Kuwait failed to deliver the promised "New World Order" of peace and tranquility. And while we're at it, let's blame Clinton for giving Saddam chemical weapons during the Reagan and Bush administrations and supporting him even after he gassed the Kurds and fired on the USS Stark (which killed more US sailors than the Cole bombing). And we might as well blame Clinton for training and arming Osama bin Laden as a Mujaheddin in Afghanistan during those Republican adminsitrations as well. Maybe we can also blame Clinton for AIDS, arthritis, UFO's, and the persecution of Martha Stewart. ;-) On 13 Feb 2003 17:20:28 -0000 QT - Rolo wrote:< replied-to message removed by QT >