Thanks for the well-wishes, Rolo. Yet for some reason you're strangely silent on everyone's recognition that Hussein is a cannibal. Good thing you have plenty of time to watch C-SPAN; we'll try to let you know when we're going to appear.Moving on (BTW, if you haven't signed the emergency petition, they've extended the deadline to Monday), from last night's press conference:GWB: I think first of all, it's hard to envision more terror on America than September 11th, 2001. We did nothing to provoke the terrorist attack. It came upon us, because there's an enemy which hates America. They hate what we stand for. We love freedom, and we're not changing."To say we did "nothing to provoke" the attack is to ignore all of history since the end of World War II, not to mention history since the First Gulf War. And to say we love freedom and aren't changing is to pretend that the USA Patriot Act did not pass. Must be living in Rolo's world, where history does not exist and might makes right.