first off, i must thank Blowback, while i do not necisarrily agree with all of the views posted here, i am appreciative of a forum in which concerned citizens can give their views. This upcoming war with Iraq is necissary, i cant as a conservative say that President Bush has given any credentials to the connections of Al Queda and the Iraqi Regime, but can we not agree that the Iraqi people have lived lives in fear and deserve to be liberated? The citizens of Iraq deserve to enjoy the freedoms and rights that have been prevelant in our society. This war is not to be fought for Oil and i dont think at any point has Bush come forward and said that we are fighting for oil. I feel that we as Americans must liberate ourselves from the United Nations. The U.N has let us down as a country, we do not need them to wage this war but it would be nice to know that countries which owe America for past heroics have not forgotten what we have done for them. France upsets me in that of any country that we have liberated in the past they owe us the most and yet they are so opposed to America liberating the Iraqi people as we have liberated them twice in the past century. It upsets me that they can oppose our doing the same for the Iraqis that we have done for the French. Perhaps we need to liberate Iraq and then liberate ourselves from a One World Government. please respond, i would be interested to hear what you have to say on this topic.