We all agree that the Iraquis, including the Kurds, are an oppressed people under a brutal dictator who deserves to be overthrown.Where we part ways is whether or not war is the answer, and whether the USA acting outside the framework of the UN is wise. I am much clearer that we should not depart from the UN framework than I am on war in general, although my heart of hearts insists that war is wrong in any case.The most compelling argument that I find on the pro-war side is that nothing else has worked on getting rid of Hussein. Can the USA be counted on doing it without making an even greater mess of things? Not convinced in part because i find the Administration's motivations suspect.On the other hand, acting outside of the UN framework essentially tells the entire world that there are no rules that should ever be respected - and puts the USA in a situation vulenrable to further attacks.I don't know if anyone else caught the PBS Frontline yesterday (Monday 17 March) evening. It retraced USA involvement in Iraq from before Hussein's rise to power. While far from perfect, it was extremely informative and shed a lot of light on the question of the inspectors during the 1990s.