My top five reasons why this war is a shitty idea:1) will increase hatred towards USA around the world and breed more terrorists2) will force Hussein to unleash God knows what against the incoming troops and neighboring countries, not to mention the torching of the oil fields3) the Kurds will get screwed again and the Turks will unleash a nasty conflict in the north4) will make a nasty budget deficit even nastier5) what should be at the top of the list: lots of innocent people will sufferWhat Bush blew:1) opportunity to let inspections work and disarm Hussein peacefully2) good will around the world that came into being after 9/11What will always nag me: was war really the only way to get rid of Hussein and his ilk? (brought to power in part thanks to the CIA and maintained in power by Reagan and Bush I)Gandhi maintained until the end that Hitler could have been conquered non-violently.