WOW NEW FLASH EVERYBODY: ROLO CHANGED HIS NAME AGAIN!! And Again! And Again! And again!The "Aw shucks" strategy as in:- aw shucks, the primary evidence of Iraqui nuclear program was fabricated, and contradicted by the international nuclear watchdog agency- aw shucks, there is no connection between this war and 9/11 and a non-existent connection to Al Queda, although the war is more than likely to make them into allies- aw sucks,the Bushies demontrate complete disregard for the provision in the US Constitution which MANDATES that Congress declares war, not the President (or in this case, the Resident)and aw shucks, complete ignorance by rabid visitors of this site who don't know what is the 1st amendment...Now, even a short-term victory (provided that the Turks vs Kurds doesn't cause complete spillover and that Baghdad involves street fighting) will have long term consequences, as the world community trusts us even less now, and would-be terrorist have probably been inspired by the busloads. Way to go Bushies!!