WOW! ROLO AND HIS SPAMMY LITTLE HEAD ARE BACK!! YEAY FOR ROLO THE SUPERPATRIOT WHO SURELY MUST BE POSTING FROM WHERE THE TROOPS ARE DEPLOYED. AREN'T YOU, OUR SPAMMY LITTLE EINSTEIN?Now, for the rest of us, a question raised by a resident of Atlanta quoted in today's Washington Post: How can Bush who "ignored a demoncratic process at the UN... is now saying he's going to install a democratic process in Iraq." Good question.Another good one: given how sheepishly quiet the Grand Ole Party has been on any discussion about this deficit, did it ever care about the deficit?Remember what the Post reported today (full article below today's daily dosage of RoloSpam): The senior administration official said the new war costs would probably bring the fiscal year 2003 deficit close to $400 billion.YOW!