Hey, I haven't signed in for awhile because of the war.Yes, Warren Rudman and Gary Hart co-chaired a bipartisan inquiry, presented in the first months of the Bush administration, that said we were woefully unprepared for terrorist attacks. Their report was completely ignored by the administration, though some Democrats like Sen. Biden cited it in opposing Bush's Anti-Ballistic Missile plan. Biden said something along the lines of our primary threats these dasy are terrorists, not long-range missiles. I also remember Sen. Feinstein in early summer 2001 speaking on the floor of the Senate about reports of foreign nationals, from countries on the State Department's terrorist nation list, taking lessons at flight schools in this country. Bush's discounting of the Rudman-Hart report is probably the reason (as reported by Fox News, no less) that Rudman is the one Republican whom the administration would not accept on a new bipartisan commission to investigate events leading up to 9/11 (you know, the one that Kissinger ultimately declined to serve on).On a somewhat related subject, Tom Friedman of the NY Times presents a documentary on the Discovery channel tonight (Wednesday) at 10 pm. MSNBC showed an excerpt today and it looks very worthwhile.Speaking of documentaries, I was glad to see Michael Moore win that category's Oscar for "Bowling for Columbine," discussed in this forum last year. Maybe Blowback can write a song for his next film?Getting back to the war, it goes without saying that everyone -- for or against this war -- wants it to end soon with as few casualties as possible. But honestly, Rolo, if you really feel anyone here is guilty of sedition for advocating peace, then don't beat around the Bush. Go down to your local FBI office and swear out a warrant for his arrest. I have nothing to fear, and I bet Franklin would enjoy the publicity from a test case he would certainly win. But then, swearing out a warrant would require giving your real name....;-)