Another lesson in the Constitution: it supersedes any federal law. So you can't supersede the right to think freely, the right to free association, and the right to worship (or not) the deity of one's choosing.Now in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and in Iraq and in China and in Cuba, thinking differently and opposing state policy was/is tantamount to treason. How many Cuban dissidents are being shipped off to jail as we speak for daring to think differently?That's the essence of totalitarianism, whether of the fascist or socialist kind.Since this isn't a totalitarian state and this isn't Nazi Germany and this isn't the Soviet Union or Cuba or China or Iraq, we have the freedom, guaranteed by the US Constitution to believe what we want when we want, despite the wishes of those sniveling would-be Nazis or Dictators.So without further ado: FUCK THIS WAR BEFORE IT FUCKS YOU!