If the purpose of your insults is to see if I'm still here, the answer is yes, I still check the forum occasionally but not regularly. Let's see, you know I'm Jewish even though that fact's never come up here before, and you previously forwarded an article critical of the Clinton administration, addressing it specifically to me, although prior to that time I had not mentioned Clinton in this forum. Obviously you know me from some context outside this forum. Are you a mind reader? Do you have ESP? Or could you be, say, the mother of a friend of mine, with whom I spent a year on an email list, till I could no longer tolerate the way she treated some of the other participants?You know, I don't blame you if you want to create a fantasy life, with multiple identities and personalities. But you don't have to involve other, real people to do so. You're quite capable of carrying on a conversation with yourself, by yourself.Peace!