Hack:I’d like to get a couple of things straight with you. First of all, someone else posted the disgusting anti-Semitic web site under the name Rolo. I would never align myself with such sick small-minded and hateful dirtballs. Second, I am not who you keep referring to as someone’s mother of someone you know, I assure you. Third, I am sure you and Franklin and the rest of the band members are all good hearted tax paying contributors to our America. I keep coming back to this site because it is fun to rattle the cages of the opposing political views. However, I find racism disgusting and wrong. I’d like to sit down with all of you someday over a cup of coffee and have a laugh about the last 537 messages or so. Or maybe you can all just beat the shit out of me. Either way let me be the first to say Uncle in hopes that this site can return to the business of Blowback instead of a pissing contest.Sincerely,Mike in PhoenixBTW Franklin, I just read the Hackworth article you posted. Looks like we may not be so different from each other after all.