More evidence that there's little if any evidence of the existence of WMDs in Iraq, the administration hopes for a wild card with the apprehension of former Iraqi Dep. Prime Minister Tariq Aziz. All I can say is that the eight of spades ain't much of a wild card:"Aziz -- described by one U.S. official as "pretty well wired" -- may have knowledge about the fate of top Iraqi leaders, including Saddam Hussein, a U.S. official told CNN. While it is considered unlikely that he would know the location of weapons of mass destruction, he "may be able to confirm their existence," the official said."Also, if people aren't sure the Christain coalition is on the ground and working hard in Iraq, here's proof: "This is a tough job, and it's very difficult to take people out of a darkness and lead them into light," said Jay Garner, the retired Army lieutenant general who leads the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance. "Once they have been standing in light long enough, their eyes will adjust."