Yea, I'm lost too. WHat does Mike Myers have to do with anything?On Blix, the point is this: Bush got us into the war saying that Iraq was not abiding with the UN's disarmament resolutions. Iraq accepted the UN inspections under Blix and Blix, to Bush's horror, started saying that Iraq, despite shortcomings was complying. Further, he said there were no WMD, a statement echoed by the head of the IAEA, the world's nuclear watchdog. Bush through Powell claimed strong proof; the proof offered turned out to include a forgery as well as evidence that was discounted by official arms control experts. Then Bush claimed that they had secret evidence showing that there were plenty of WMD, clearly enough to threaten the US national security -- which was the grounds for a first-strike war.But lo and behold, having visited their top sites, the US personnel can't find these WMD. Again, this was the reason given over and over and over again for going to war - that Iraq's WMD posed a clear and imminent danger to US national security.And now, when the UN gets ready to resume its inspections, under the resolution which the Bush people claimed to be enforcing, they are being blocked.I never bought that this was over WMD - although I was worried about possible chemical or bio attack on invading US troops - nor do i buy for one second that this is for democracy. The Bush crowd shows clearly this was about oil. There's no need for caricatures given the Bush team's actions. They are a dangerous disgrace and need to be thrown out of office.