A big "BUT" however is in order. Couple of assumptions are way off the mark: foreign "aid" is relatively minuscule. The entire foreign "aid" account is significantly less than the military operation alone before Baghdad fell. And the top three recipients: Israel, number one by a long shot; Egypt, and either Colombia or Turkey. Colombia supported the war effort, to the consternation of the majority of its citizens.Also, foreign aid is really not an exercise in selflessness but one of realpolitic calculation and enough congressional strings to ensure a lot of the aid money stays at home. A place where a chunk of tax payer largess goes: the World Bank, ExIm bank and OPIC both which help subsidize US investment abroad. Yes, subsidize, as in not-free-market, as in government handout.(for more on this, check out lyrics and hyperlinks to Trickle Down Poison, on "Lyrics" at left)Finally, regarding Israel. It is precisely the memory of what happened to European Jewry and Gypsies and Communists and Russian Kulaks (sp?) that make the current actions of the state of Israel and its armed forces, the IDF, REPUGNANT. You'd think a group of people that survived genocide would avoid reppressing others. But their attitude seems to be "since we now got tha powa' screw you!"Check out the SONG 3907 and its accompanying essays (in hyperlinks) for more on this.