In response to Mike's post #554: The anti-WAR movement is not demanding the Americans in Iraq produce WMDs immediately, just that they do it truthfully. The Americans in Iraq are certainly trying their hardest to find weapons right now, so much so that every substance that even closely resembes a chemical or biological weapon winds up on CNN or the front page of the NY Times as evidence of the "smoking gun". CNN reported on April 7th the discovery of warheads and suspiscious looking barrels and told viewers that preliminary tests indicated that they contained nerve or blister agents. The Smoking Gun?? No tests later proved inconclusive.On April 8th the NY Times ran a photo on page B1 in which the barrels appeared under a yellow sign that said "Gas". The article stated "according to preliminary tests the drums may contain deadly nerve agents and mustard gas". Turns out later "more tests would be needed", and we've heard nothing since.Just last night on Fox News they were discussing some more containers found in northern Iraq again "preliminary tests show they may contain nerve agents" we'll find out soon, I guess.With the administration salivating for a weapons find to justify the war and the media racing to be the first to report that find, these manipulative reports will continue and once something real is found (if it ever is) how are we supposed to believe the report is true.