Mike, I'll never agree that someone (Ramsey Clarke) who supports using money for Health Care and Education for AMERICANS instead of using it to buy bombs to kill FOREIGNERS as Anti-American (my opinion).You state: "Are you implying that the Americans who are aggressively looking for WMD’s are somehow connected with CNN & the NY Times? (2 of the biggest voices of main-stream liberalism I might add)"In terms of the military and the media being connected, let us not forget the embeds, how much more connected can you be than riding in an attacking tank division during a war?I guess I am saying that the Americans who are aggressively looking for WMD’s are FEEDING false info to the media who are reporting it as fact. Both sides I feel are being incredibly irresponsible and are forcing regular Americans like myself to doubt anything that's reported as being truthful.For example, the barrels I mentioned that were reported by Fox News on the 27th that "may contain nerve agents" showed up in the pages of the NY Post yesterday under this headline:Barrel found by GIs tests positive for SarinA passage from the article: A platoon of chemical-weapons experts from the Army's 10th Cavalry Regiment rushed to the site and began testing the drum Saturday."I am satisfied that it is sarin," Lt. Col. Ted Martin said yesterday. Cyclosarin (sarin) is a variant of the nerve gas used in the 1995 attack on Tokyo's subway system.Smoking Gun??? It has to be!!! The Lt. Col., leader of an Army Regiment of chemical-weapons experts is "satisfied that it is sarin" a deadly nerve agent.Then how do we explain this article from the AP which ran online last night but didn't make it into the papers today.Headline:Tests Cast Doubt on Chemical Find in Iraq By LOUIS MEIXLER, Associated Press Writer BAIJI, Iraq - A metal drum found in northern Iraq that initially tested positive for nerve and blister agents might instead contain rocket fuel, according to new tests, a U.S. chemical weapons expert said Monday. FULL STORY:http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20030428/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iraq_banned_weapons_20Again and again in the rush to be first to report a story, "journalists" refuse to check facts, give opposing viewpoints or question the truthfulness of what they are being fed by the military media liaisons.If we believe all the headlines that have been thrown at us lately then Sadam is dead, Bin Laden is days away from being captured and the war in Iraq is over.Here's one headline that need not be researched: http://www.weeklyworldnews.com/batboy/batboy.cfm?instanceid=10594