Slanted reality? I think I can understand your hostilities toward the opposition. I was pretty bummed out myself for 8 long years during the Clintonista regime. I was one of the 20%'ers who voted for H. Ross Perot. You can imagine my horror, especially if you voted for Ralphy last go-around. I’m not bummed out anymore. Looking back I realize that I wasted too much time stewing over what a worthless, lying, self-serving, opportunistic, self-hating/blame America for all the problems of the world, elitist piece of crap Bill Clinton was (is...). Your cycle will come back around again and some mainstream moderate on the outside/socialist on the inside will bamboozle the sheeple all the way into the office of the President. I’m sure Tom Dasshole has some more tricks up his sleeve to regain the majority in the Senate. Hopefully GW will get enough judges through to keep the red diaper NYU and ACLU lawyers at bay for a good long time but that too will cycle your way eventually. Or maybe my side will hold on for 40 years and straighten out the mess that PC, the (not so)“great society” and liberalism, among other things has created in this country. Only time will tell. I know one thing for sure; America will continue to be and needs to be the greatest and most generous nation on God’s earth.