As for the other idiots out there taken in by the ‘fake rescue’ story, even after John Kampfner denied it was ‘staged’ on CNN, I’d post the links but, jeez, why bother linking to idiots? This story seems to have become a sort of litmus test for idiocy and people who will fall for any conspiracy theory. It’s really hard to cut through all the spin in search of the truth for fear of being lumped in with people like Daily Show Fan, who is so daft would say;“On advice from PR spinmeisters, the Pentagon ignored efforts by Iraqi doctors to return Private Lynch in an Iraqi ambulance. Instead, according to the BBC, the Pentagon fired on the ambulance so they could then stage a rescue and stage a firefight at the hospital and remove Private Lynch…”Oh. Great. Imagine you are a soldier sitting in a foxhole over looking a road-block. You see a large brightly colored van moving down the road to you. You’re scared witless of suicide bombers. “Sir, shall I fire a warning shot?”“Not yet, soldier. I have a Pentagon spinmeister on the satellite phone, calling from Qatar. He can see into the back of the van using secret satellite technology that we are not cleared for. He’s about to confirm we should fire on the ambulance, in the hope it will survive, return it’s passenger unharmed to a hospital that the Iraqi military abandoned this morning, and there the passenger will await us staging a rescue with blank ammunition for the cameras.”“That’s great sir.”Note to Daily Show Fan:Pull your head out.