Glad you got the message, Mike... that's exactly what you were saying to me.Happened to me to hate this govnerment... hmm... how about spending time with Indigenous people who suffered at the hands of US trained and funded, knowing people tortured while US "operatives" watched and supervised, hearing the government LIE about its knowledge and sending more weapons and money to people committing the most atrocious crimes imaginable (that is just the tip of the iceberg). This is not based on some "liberal" media article or reporter. This is based on MY knowledge, experience and those of people I know and trust. I have spent quite a lot of time in many Latin American countries with communities of widows, been to prisons in South America where people suffer because of US policy and laws forced on them by YOUR government. Known human rights defenders murdered by people who enjoy complete impunity and the support of your "government". I say YOUR because you seem to support it. You defend the actions taken by this administration and conservative elements. They are returning to a time when people didn't even bother to LIE about the crimes they committed. Clinton was an ass too - don't get me wrong. But this world is quickly being divided by the raving lunatic who STOLE the White House. I doubt it could be much worse. What do you know about it anyway?